Candy Web Series| Unwrap The Sin | Review 2021

Voot Select Candy (2021) is an Indian web series with many folds of suspense and thriller in its story line. Candy is directed by Ashish R Shukla starring Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha. Exclusively released on  8th of september 2021 on Voot OTT platform.

The creators are Debojit Das Purkayastha and Agrim Joshi. The movie is full of mysterious brutal murders and kingpins of drugs. The story is not straight forward but has layers of mysteries and windings, hence creators gave the hashtag unwrap the sin (#UNWRAPTHESIN). The series has 8 episodes, consecutively unraveling mysteries and giving exciting thriller and suspense. The series has moderate violence, drug usage and sexual references.

If you are looking for suspense, mystery and thriller then this series offers you everything. The story is about a Hilly-village Rudrakand, where there are many cases of brutally murdered people and no one knows who was doing all the murders. The villagers believe that it was a monster named Massan. What is real truth behind the murder and that monster or the real mastermind ? This is what the whole story is about.

IMDb Rating

Voot Select Candy has a IMDb rating of 9.1/10. The response of the audience is very good regarding the storylines and twisted plot of the series. 

Lead Role

Ronit Roy was playing the role of an emotional teacher who lost his daughter and moved to Rudrakand school. After two months, he suspected a crowd in the forest and discovered that his student Mehul Awasti was brutally murdered by someone. The people of this hilly-village believe that all these murders were done by a monster named Massan. And the story begins to show a no. of histories with mysterious vibes.

The role he played was great, he was comfortable with all that emotions and fearful thrilling. We already have a lot of evidence that he has brilliant acting skills and emotions are all looking real, that is the beauty of an artist. He was the true part of the story.

Richa Chadha was playing the role of a cop Ratna Sankhwar, a senior cop in the Rundrakand Village. She was also investigating the cases of murder did by Massan. Manu Rishi Chadha was playing for a big political leader or bahubali (Naresh Ranaut) of Rudrakand village. His boy named Vayu Ranaut (role played by Nakul Roshan Sahdev ), was related to drugs supply and criminal acts but he was not the murderer.

Gopal Dutt was playing the role of headmaster Thomas and playing a crucial character in the last episodes. Ridhi Kumar was playing the role of Kalki and becoming an important character not even in the initial story timeline but in the ending of the story too. Vijayat Kholi was playing the role of Markus Father and friend of Headmaster Thomas. He also became a important character in the ending.

All the crew and cast did an amazing job in providing quality content with that much nice presentation.


  • Ronit Roy as Jayant Parekh
  • Richa Chadha as Ratna Sankhwar
  • Manu Rishi Chadha as Ranaut
  • Gopal Datt as Headmaster Thomas
  • Nakul Roshan Sahdev as Vayu Ranaut
  • Riddhi Kumar as Kalki Rawat
  • Mihir Ahuja as Mehul Awasthi
  • Prasanna Bisht as Ritika Sahay
  • Abbas Ali Ghaznavi as John Dhakar
  • Ayesha Kaduskar as Sahiba Joshi
  • Mikhael Kantroo as Luka
  • Vijayant Kohli as Father Markus
  • Durgesh Kumar as Lambodhar Bisht
  • Akash Mahamana as SI Shyam Pandey
  • Raj Sharma as Atmanath
  • Bodhisattva Sharma as Imran Ahmed
  • Aditya Nanda as Sanjay Sonowal
  • Anju Alva Naik as Sonalika Parekh

Full of suspense and thriller

Voot Select Candy (2021) season 1 has 8 intense thriller episodes. The episodes with title are below, you can watch Candy (2021) on Voot app with active subscription, just browse Candy on Voot app and enjoy watching all episodes.

1: Hope in Darkness. 

2: The outsider

3: The rage of Rudrakund

4: Old Sins

5: Predators, Prayers and Sacrifices

6: End of the Line

7: The heir of misfortunes

8: The Massan

Review (4/5)

Voot Select Candy is really an amazing web series. The actions, story-line, thriller twists, sound effects, production quality and impactful acting by all the actors and team. 

The story is itself very complicated and wrapped. But inspite of twist and turns in story the director is amazingly able to create one-by-one scenes and connecting events. The transition of story to the past events and present events are beautifully linked. Everyone appreciates the quality work because of the good direction of the series. It is easy for audience to understand what is actually going on with story-line. This might be the reason for its good rating.

The best thing about the series is we can’t predict the actual mastermind or monster without the 8th episode. But it is also possible that the creators will create its second season too. As the story is still incomplete because of some hooky scenes in the last episodes that have to unwrap more the behind stories. Probably creators intentionally add those scene so that they can start a new season with it.

Almost everyone appreciates this thriller series on social media. The engagement of viewership is terrific. IMDb rated it 9.1, that’s all terrific. Even the performance of the crew and team was amazing, Fans really like the thrilling experience.

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