Dudullu Postasi Web Series Actress, Wiki, Trailer, And All Episodes

Turkish broadcaster Kanal D will debut a “new” TV show titled “Dudullu Postasi Web Series” Actress, Wiki, Trailer, And All Episodes. The series isn’t truly new, though. Because Turkey has been experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic along with the rest of the world, a new season has begun. Old shows appear to be returning to television due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak throughout the world.

Turkish TV Industry Suffers from Coronavirus 

Turkish TV shows take up a sizable portion of the global market for TV shows. Turkish television networks create and distribute new dramas and programs around the world each year. Because of its size and inability to rest, it is a massive industry. However, the problem is terrible and it just grows worse with time. In light of this, certain Turkish TV shows recently opted to take a vacation from filming. Thus, the previous television shows are once again broadcast.

What is the History of the Turkish Absurd Comedy Dudullu Postasi?  

Banu Uzpeder and Fuat Mete are the authors of the plot and subject matter of the Turkish tv series Dudullu Post. Funda Alp and Yiit Sertdemir are the owners of the scenario, on the other hand.

The narrative of Dudullu Postasi A man who places the journalist at the center of his life is the subject of a post-Turkish Turkish TV comedy. Although Asm (Güven Kraç), the mas, is aware of his limitations, he yet believes that he is the only talented journalist in the entire nation. He also lacks awareness of his own admiration.

Dudullu Postasi as a neighborhood newspaper

Everything begins with his ambition to launch a neighborhood newspaper in the little Istanbul neighborhood of Dudullu. As a result, the newspaper is known as the Dudullu Postasi Web Series, after the name of this little region. 

Therefore, Tayfur (Taner Olmez) and his buddies Ersan (Ahmet Rifat Ungar) and Cem (Ozgur Emre Yldrm) begin employment at this recently established newspaper. As a result, Tayfur makes an effort to get rid of his brother Eyüp (Bülent Akrak) in order to be with Melis (Hazar Ergüçlü), the lady he loves. On the other hand, he searches the neighborhood with his teammates for the “Lost Fathers.”

Dudullu Postasi Web Series Cast 

Real Name Cast Name
Guven KiracAsim Velioglu
Taner OlmezTayfur
Ahmet Ricardo SungarErsan
Ozgur Emre YldrumCem
Bulent AkrakEyup
Erkan CanVasif

Who is Dudullu Postasi’s author?

The digital publication Dudullu Postasi Web Series was first released on Blu TV. But now it is available on MX player and Netflix. It is currently getting ready to re-engage the audience on Kanal D screens. The series has a large number of well-known comedians. Legendary animated program. Dudullu Postasi served as an inspiration for the show. Illustrator Serkan Yilmaz is the brainchild behind this animated series.

What Category Does the Dudullu Postasi Turkish Series Fall Under? 

The series belongs to the absurd humor, fantasy, thriller, and detective subgenres. Dudullu Postasi Web Series stands out from its counterparts in terms of its genre. Onur Ünlü, a well-known director of Turkish TV series and feature films, is also the series’ director. His television programmes Leyla and Mecnun (Leyla ile Mecnun), Visible Man (Görünen Adam), Five Brothers (Beş Kardeş), and ubat are among his best-known works.

How many Dudullu Postasi episodes?

A 13-episode short internet series called Dudullu Postasi was produced in 2018. There were 13 episodes in each season of the television show. Blu TV, Netflix, and Mx Player an online entertainment company commissioned the successful television series.

Rating of dudullu Postasi 

If I talk about how many ratings got this web series then the answer is 5.7. Dudullu Postasi got a 5.7/10 rating on the online platform.

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