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Storyline – Mahi, a newly married woman, brings an antique Jewish box into her home . When Mahi and her husband Sam begin to have Paranormal experiences, they soon learn that the box is a dybbuk containing an evil spirit. The couple then seeks the help of a rabbi to unravel its mystery. Will they survive this ordeal before their child is born? To Dybbuk Movie Download for Free, you must read our complete article.

Dybbuk Movie Details

Dybbuk movie is a Hindi-based supernatural horror flick that is written and directed by Jay K and is produced by T series and Panorama Studios. The movie stars Emraan Hashmi, Nikita Dutta, and Manav Kaul as the Lead cast. This movie is a Malayalam movie Ezra remake which was released in the year 2017. The story revolves around a married couple where the female protagonist unknowingly brings a dybbuk antique from an old heritage antique store. When maahi opens the dybbuk box, the evil spirit possesses the unborn child and then the whole story unbinds through various twists and turns.

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Dybbuk Movie Story

A new job opportunity compels Sam (Emraan Hashmi) and Maahi ( Nikita Dutta ), an inter-caste married couple to move from city Mumbai to foreign land Mauritius. The couple undergoes a miscarriage and wants to start afresh in the foreign land. But their new beginnings take a different turn and cause them bigger troubles. Maahi being an interior designer decides to design their newly bought home a heritage look. During her visit to a heritage antique store, her eyes get caught in an ancient box dated 16 the century. During her intervention to the box, she opens the box and an evil malicious spirit comes out of the box. The evil spirit wanders until it finds the host to possess. Maahi faces paranormal activities at home and informs Sam her husband about the same.

Mathis’s husband Sam works in a Nuclear Manufacturing company interrogates machines sudden change in her behavior and informs his godfather Gabriel and they both visit a rabbi Jewish and inform him about the dybbuk box. After returning from the Jewish priest, sam gets to know that the dybbuk spirit can only possess the mentally ill person. When the neighbor’s dog gets missing, on the same night Sam finds Maahi with the missing dog’s head and gets very disturbed. When the Jewish priest visits Sam and Maahi, the mystery behind the evil spirit possessing Mathis’s unborn child unravels the spirit’s wish, which was to destroy the entire island.

When the rabbi priest inquires about the dybbuk box origin, the story plot shows a flashback where the spirit Ezra was in love with a catholic girl called Nora. When Nora finds she is pregnant, she informs the same, Ezra. When Ezra’s father gets to know this, he puts his son in an unknown place for months , this puts Nora under pressure as she thinks Ezra used her due to which she hangs herself. When the villagers find the reason for Nora’s death, they attack Ezra to death and lash out at his father. Seeing this Ezra’s father performs black magic on Ezra’s dead body and puts Ezra’s spirit into the dybbuk box and spells the spirit to destroy the whole island. When the rabbi gets to know Ezra’s revenge, he gets to know that the evil spirit has possessed Sam as he works in a Nuclear station Even sam in his childhood was mentally disturbed after his mother’s death and was easy to possess and was the key factor to destroy the island. After much trouble and performing exorcism by a Jewish rabbi, the evil spirit leaves Sam’s body.

Dybbuk Story Review Overall – 2.5stars out of 5stars

The story plot is not so convincing and is very low on horror. No chills also are many times predictable and a weak storyline. The characters played by Emraan are average, Nikita played her part well the whole limelight of the movie was taken by Manav Kaul, he played his part very well. All other characters were appreciable. The movie can be watched with the whole family and is a one-time watch movie.

Dybbuk Meaning

Dybbuk is a word originally from Jewish roots, is a malicious possessing spirit that is believed to be dislocated soul of a dead person. The wandering spirit enters the body of the living person through black magic and controls his behavior.

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How to download Dybbuk Movie for free

Many times people Download Dybbuk Movie for free illegally which is pirated and is declared illegal by the government. Some websites such as Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Filmyhit, Jalshamoviez, RDZHD, Moviesda, Tamilmv, 9xmovies, Worldfree4u, Coolmoviez are some pirated sites which once identified can cause huge losses. Downloading illegally may lead you to 3 years in jail and also you have to pay a fine of up to 10000 rupees. Please do not support such sites and watch them on legal platforms.

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