Jind Mahi Punjabi Movie Review, Trailer ,Cast and more details 

Jind Mahi Punjabi Movie Review, Trailer, Cast, and more details -Many people’s hearts belonged to Babbu Bains from Ardab Mutiyaran, and after the film’s enormous success, Sonam Bajwa and Ajay Sarkaria come back with another love story, but this time it has a different feel to it. Sonam Bajwa and Ajay Sarkaria are the leads in the upcoming Punjabi romance drama movie Jind Mahi. This Sameer Pannu-directed movie, which was created by White Hill Studios, was initially slated to hit theatres on July 8, 2022. On August 5, 2022, the movie will now be released.

Jind Mahi film will make you laugh, cry, and ride a mental roller coaster as you fall in love all over again. The film will be released in 2022 by White Hill Studios, and production will begin in the UK by the end of August. Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu, who never fail to bring twisted tastes in love, are the producers of the movie. The film will mark Sameer Pannu’s feature-length directorial debut. Manford Sidhu, Sameer Pannu, and Jatinder Lall wrote the screenplay, with Jatinder Lall contributing to the dialogue. Speaking of the music in the movie, Goldboy, a well-known music director in the Punjabi industry, is prepared with a variety of compositions to set the public’s mood for a romantic beat.

The Storyline of Jind Mahi Movie 

Laddo, a vivacious Punjabi girl, crosses paths with Harry, a pessimist while walking through London. Laddo and Harry, two very different people, are compelled to stay together in an unexpected turn of circumstances. Will Harry ever be able to tell Laddo that he loves him?

The trailer of Jind Mahi Movie 

Sonam Bajwa is completely dressed in a “Pendu” outfit with a major accent in the teaser, while Ajay Sarkaria is portrayed as an urban person in a less-than-unique image. Not to question either actor’s acting or presenting abilities because we’ve already seen them perform admirable acts in “Ardab Mutiyaran”

The movie, which is set abroad, covertly shows a rural girl moving in with Harry, a contemporary man. When Harry develops love for Laddo (Sonam), the plot takes a disastrous turn—at least for Harry—after the two unintentionally meet on a bridge and become closer.

The guest appearances in Jind Mahi start about halfway through the trailer. One could consider Gurnam Bhullar to be Laddo’s chosen partner. Raj Shoker and Ginni Kapoor were also visible in addition to Gurnam. Raj Shoker’s first film will star her, and there is no denying that in that brief 2-second glimpse of her, she looks stunning.

I’m unsure of the roles played by these two women, but Baninder Bunny and Shivinder Mahal have well-defined characters that fans will adore. Regarding the soundtrack, Gurnam Bhullar provided the vocals for one of the songs that can be heard midway through the trailer.

What will the love story of two characters—who are not meant to be together—turn into, and where will it lead the lead actor, Ajay Sarkaria? Watch the movie on August 5 to find out whether he will succeed in winning her affection or whether Gurnam will act as a hurdle in their relationship.

Jind Mahi Movie Details 

Genre  Comedy and Romantic 
Director  Sameer Pannu 
Screenplay  Manmord Sidhu , Sameer Pannu 
Writer  Manmord Sidhu , Sameer Pannu 
Producer  Gunbir Singh Sidhu 
Cinematography  Ravi Kumar Sana 
Production Company  White Hill studios 
Cast Ajay Sarkaria , Sonam Bajwa Gurnam Bhullar, Raj Shoker, Ginny Kapoor Samreen Kaur, Sukhwinder Chahal
Language  Punjabi 
Release Date  5 August 2022

Jind Mahi Movie Songs List 

Song Title  Singer 
Jind Mahi title track  Gurnam Bhullar 
Rabb Mainu  Gurnam Bhullar 
Baahn Fadke  Gurlez Akhtar, Dilpreet Dhillon 
Hanju  Afsana 
Shiddat  Gurnam Bhullar 

Who composed the music for the Jind Mahi movie, and what is their name?

Oye Kunaal, Goldboy, and Desi Crew composed the original music for the Jind Mahi.

When will the movie Jind Mahi be released? 

The next Punjabi film Jind Mahi starring Sonam Bajwa is slated to hit theatres on August 5, 2022, throughout the world.

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