Judda Hoke Bhi Movie Review, Cast, Release Date 2022

Judda Hoke bhi movie Review: An Indian supernatural-horror movie from 2022 called Judaa Hoke Bhi was written by Mahesh Bhatt, directed by Vikram Bhatt, and made by Loneranger Productions and Houseful Motion Pictures. Mahesh Bhatt and K Sera Sera Vikram Bhatt Productions are the financiers of India’s first movie entirely produced in a virtual studio using real-time virtual Akshay Oberoi and Aindrita Ray play the main parts in the film, and Meherzan Mazda plays a minor one. It came out on July 15, 2022. ality technology. Meherzan Mazda plays a supporting role in the movie with Akshay Oberoi and Aindrita Ray in the key roles. It was published on July 15, 2022.

The Plot of the Movie Judda hoke bhi

Married people, Aman and Meera. When Meera discusses financial matters with him, such as bills, EMIs, and ways to get money to support the family, Aman does not like it. Instead of performing in a studio where he might really be paid, he would rather drink himself silly and sing in random places. We quickly learn that the couple’s recent loss of their only kid is the purported cause of Aman’s drinking. (This fact adds nothing to the writing other than a perverted relevance for a few jump scares later.) An isolated location in Uttrakhand has offered Meera, a talented writer, a strangely wealthy “ghost” writing project. (Meera doesn’t understand the hidden pun; we’ll find out that complete ignorance is something Aman and Meera share in common)

Aman had an accident and enters a coma just before Meera is about to depart. In lieu of the project, Meera chooses to congregate by Aman’s bedside. To persuade her otherwise, the villain assignment-offerer sends a highly effective creature—a ghost, monster, dubuk—to the hospital where Aman is being treated. The creature then poses as a nurse (who is on vacation) and convinces the ward boy to give Aman alcohol instead of medicine. This convoluted plan actually works because Meera smells the alcohol, becomes enraged with Aman, and reconsiders her decision to travel to Uttrakhand.

As soon as Meera arrives there, a middle-aged blind man who looks a lot like Yamdoot gives her the dire warning to flee for her life. However, for some reason, Meera chooses not to heed this advice. The Yamdoot man then makes an attempt to intimidate and persuade Aman to save Meera. Aman gives in and heads to Binsar. The new boss of Meera at Binsar is extremely into pet monsters and herbs that make girls horny for him (which is quite helpful because there is no other way anyone would be horny for him). Aman arrives to save Meera, but he faces many obstacles along the way, including his own wife who regrettably has feelings for the monster and its very dull and twisted past. villain—and even inexperienced medical professionals who have not yet “migrated” from Binsar. Will Aman ultimately overcome his own demons and prove useful? Will the evil creature get even more evil? Will Meera be able to put all 372 saris in her carry-on bag? See the movie to find out.

Judda Hoke Bhi Movie Detail 2022

DirectorVikram Bhatt
WriterMahesh Bhatt
ProducerKrishna Bhatt, Amar Thakkar
CinematographyPrakash Kutty
MusicPuneet Dixit
Release Date15 July 2022
Running Time125 minutes

Judda Hoke Bhi Movie Cast 

Real NameCast Name
Akash OberoiAman 
Aindrita RayMeera 
Meherzan MazdaSiddharth 
Rushad RanaRudra 
Puneet TejwaniDaksh 

When will the Hindi film Judaa Hoke Bhi be released

On July 15, 2022, “Judaa Hoke Bhi” Movie is slated for release in theatres around the world.

Who wrote the lyrics of all songs Judda Hoke bhi

Shakeel Azmi, Puneet Dixit, Purvi Pathak, Harish Sagane, and Shweta Bothra wrote all of the songs’ lyrics for the “Judaa Hoke Bhi” Movie. 

Who performs in the song “Judaa Hoke Bhi”

Stebin Ben, Puneet Dixit, Ankit Tiwari, Sunidhi Chauhan, and Mohit Chauhan all perform the songs in the movie.

Review of Movie Judda Hoke Bhi

The plot revolves around love, but the male protagonist is present this time. Start with a pleasant tune and ends in terror. Because of the suspense, you want to find out why the villain is using the girl. Kalyug is portrayed by V B as a monster who thinks ahead. Music is easy and calming. similar to every Bhatt film. Although decent, the screenplay may be stronger. It’s wonderful to utilize clocks as time stops. When in a hospital, the direction is fine. The VFX is adequate and the locations in Uttrakhand are at night. While the camera work is fantastic, the pandemic plot should have been expanded. We are aware that Bhatt has unique thoughts and styles.

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