Love in the Villa Movie Review, Trailer, Cast, Release Date and More Details

Love in the Villa Movie Review-A young woman (Kat Graham) travels to Verona, Italy, after ending a relationship, only to discover that the villa she had booked was double-booked and she would have to share it with a cynical but dashing British man (Tom Hopper).

Love in the Villa Movie Trailer

Love in the Villa Movie Details

GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorMark Steven Johnson
ProductionOff Camera Entertainment, Grumpy Entertainment, Netflix Studios
Dubbed InEnglish
CastKat Graham, Tom Hopper, Laura Hopper, Raymond Ablack, Hélène Cardona, Katie McGovern, Stefano Skalkotos, Andrea Bellacicco, Daniela Di Muro, Simona Distefano, Peter Arpesella, Katie McGovern, Emilio Solfrizzi, Atikur Rahman Mahi
Original networkNetflix
WriterMark Steven Johnson

About Love in the Villa Netflix Cast

From director Mark Stephen Johnson (Ghost Rider, Christopher Robin), comes Love in the Villa. He is also the writer and producer alongside Margret H. Huddleston and Stephanie Slack.

  • Kat Graham as Julie, a romantic woman who goes on holiday to Verona only to discover the villa she is renting has been double booked.
  • Tom Hopper as Charlie, a pragmatic English man on holiday who shares the villa with Julie
  • Laura Hopper as Cassie
  • Sean Amsing as Roberto
  • Lorenzo Lazzarini as Uberto

Is Love in the Villa Worth Watching?

Did you enjoy watching Purple Hearts? Or about Falling Inn Love? Basically, Love in the Villa is for you if you enjoy a good romantic comedy film.
It’s nice to see Tom Hopper portray a role other than Luther Hargreaves, and Kat Graham from The Holiday Calendar is back to her beautiful self.
Who doesn’t appreciate a plot where a leased villa comes with its own annoyingly attractive stranger?
With Love in the Villa, you won’t get anything particularly original, but you will see Kat Graham and Tom Hopper having a good time and falling in love, along with a few chuckles.
And there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of that.

Love in the Villa Release Date

According to this Love in the Villa Movie Review blog, This year, Netflix has produced a ton of hits at an amazing rate. They’ve also come to understand that a superb romantic comedy can draw in audiences just as much as an action movie.
In Verona, Italy, filming commenced in 2021 and was completed a few months later.
The good news is that Netflix has set September 1, 2022, as the premiere date for Love in the Villa.

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