Military Prosecutor Doberman Review, Cast, Storyline, and More details

Military Prosecutor Doberman Review-Ahn Bo-Hyun and Jo Bo-ah are the stars of the South Korean television show Military Prosecutor Doberman. It had 16 episodes and was broadcast on Netflix

The storyline of Military Prosecutor Doberman

According to this Military Prosecutor Doberman Review blog, Being a military prosecutor has never been anything more than a vehicle for Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun) to achieve success and money on a personal and professional level. Bae Man, a man who can excel at anything, has achieved success and fortune, but without something more to motivate him, he lacks the conviction required to achieve greatness.

On the other side, Cha Woo In (Jo Bo Ah) possesses all the convictions necessary to develop into a truly outstanding military prosecutor. Some may perceive her as a newcomer who only got her job through family ties and fortune, but in reality, she is a highly skilled investigator who could easily outperform veterans who are at least twice her age

Due to his affluent upbringing, Woo In has no fear of authority figures and, as a result, speaks out against those who abuse their positions for personal benefit.

Woo In, secretly seeking retribution, suddenly finds herself working with Bae Man because they both want to root out the corruption inside the military. Bae Man is moved by Woo In’s enthusiasm and finds himself wanting to grow as a person. But when their quest for justice puts them both in peril, will he have the chance?

Military Prosecutors Doberman Details

GenreAction, Military, Mystery, Law
ScreenwriterYoon Hyun Ho
DirectorJin Chang Gyu
CountrySouth Korea
Aired OnMonday, Tuesday
Original networkNetflix
Duration1hr 5 minute

Military Prosecutors Doberman Cast

Real Name Reel Name
Ahn Bo HyunDo Bae man
Jo Bo ahCha Woo in
Oh Yeon SooNoh Hwa young
Kim young minYoug Moon goo
Kim woo sukNoh Tae nam

Release Date of Military Prosecutors Doberman

According to this Military Prosecutor Doberman Review blog, Military Prosecutors Doberman was released on June 2022.

Military Prosecutors Doberman available sites

According to this Military Prosecutor Doberman Review blog, It is available on Netflix.

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