Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Web Series Actress, Trailer And All Episodes Online on Netflix

The long-awaited Korean remake of the most popular television series Money Heist is now streaming on Netflix. The second season of Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area will be available on Netflix at some point in 2022, but only the first batch of six episodes has yet to come. Each episode will have a runtime of 60 minutes.

The Money heist in Korean, which BH Entertainment and content Zium created Adapted from the well-known Spanish criminal drama La Casa De Papel, Money Heist Korean Joint Economic Area is primarily, a South Korean Netflix original series (Money Heist) Ryu Yong Jae, Choe Sung Jun and Kim Hwan – Chase helped him with the screenwriting of the Alex Pina‘s story.

If you are looking for similarities with the previous version, you should know that the Korean translation does not come close to matching the quality of its Spanish counterpart, but it does have its own charms and peculiarities that let it stand out from the crowd.

Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Web Series Cast

  • Yoo Ji Tae as Professor
  • Park Hae soo as Berlin
  • Lee Won Jong as Moscow
  • Kim Jii Hoon as Denver
  • Jeon jong seo as Tokyo
  • Jang Yoon Ju as Nairobi
  • Lee Hyun woo as Rio
  • Lee Kyu Ho as Oslo

Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Web Series The Storyline of All 6 Episodes

The brief about all the 6 episodes of the most wonder web series is discussed in this article.

Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Episode 1

The first episode of the series featured a female North Korean soldier who in secret, admired the South Korean K-pop boy band BTS, She described her life before North and South Korea were reunited. When the Korean Peninsula”s North-south Border opened in 2025, allowing North Koreans and South Koreans to commute between the two nations for employment the south made an investment in the North and the Joint Economic Area (JEA) was built to foster economic development for the two Koreas.

The soldier, Like many other North Koreans, travelled to the South in search of employment but ended up taking up the crime, crime, shooting and robbing loan sharks who had exported many helpless North Koreans and fleeing the country. After her colleague was assassinated a year later, the soldier was asked to assist in a four trillion won bank heist by a guy who identified himself only as of the “Professor.” The soldier would join them, adopting the alias “Tokyo.” Former North Korean camp inmate “Berlin,” con artist “Nairobi,” ex-convict “Moscow” and his kid “Denver,” expert hacker “Rio,” and brothers “Oslo” and “Helsinki” from a Yanbian gang were also present in Tokyo.

The group travelled to the JEA Mint together, where they held the workers and guests hostage and attempted to print four trillion won’s worth of bank notes. Seon Woo-jin, the head of the South Korean crisis negotiation team, and Cha Moo-hyuk, a North Korean captain, were later given orders to command a squad of police officers, to keep an eye on and defuse the hostage situation from both Koreans. Woo Jin is unaware that the Professor is Park Sun Ho, the owner of the cafe she is now seeing.

Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Episode 2

Unaware of the Professor’s identity, Woo-jin bargained with him (who was giving commands in his cafe’s secret room) to assure the safety of the captives; all save Berlin agreed to refrain from harming them so long as they obey instructions. Cho Young-min, the director of the Mint, Yoon Mi-seon, Young-boyfriend min’s and coworker, and Anne Kim, a high school student who was the daughter of the US Ambassador and was travelling with her class, were all held hostage.

Since the hostages’ cellphones were taken, Young-min, who was desperate to escape, asks Mi-seon to assist him in taking his smartwatch from his office to call the police. This was because several Mint employees were being told to print the notes by their castor according to Young-falsehoods, min’s Mi-Seon poses as pregnant, and Denver escorted her to another room where, with Anne’s help, she snuck out and took the watch. Berlin decides to punish Young-min by killing his lover Mi-Seon after the smartwatch was found after a few failed attempts to contact the outside world. This is against the Professor’s instructions. Denver was compelled to accompany her to the bathroom, where he allegedly shot Mi-seon

Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Episode 3

Tokyo makes the decision to assist Denver in hiding Mi-Seon after she was shot in the leg in the underground cellar where they provided first aid. It was revealed that Denver hesitated to shoot Mi-seon because he was afraid Berlin would kill her if he did. As a result, Mi-Seon asked Denver to shoot her leg to make it look like she had died.

Due to Berlin’s violence and unpredictable behaviour, Tokyo decides to have him removed from his leadership position. Denver alternated between caring for and feeding Mi-Seon. Meanwhile, Young-min had to contend with his grief over Mi-“death” Seon’s while also facing criticism from the other hostages for letting Mi-Seon die in his place out of selfishness; the North Korean staff even made murder threats against him. Tokyo then requested the assistance of Nairobi and Rio to capture Helsinki and Oslo, and they faced Berlin in the office, where the heist’s participants engaged in a tense confrontation over Berlin’s disobedience. Moscow was shocked and upset to learn that Denver had allegedly killed Mi-Seon during the argument. Unaware of the truth, Moscow impulsively went outside to surrender in his son’s place, ready to take responsibility for Mi-“murder,” Seon’s but Denver was able to catch up with him and stop him by reassuring him that Mi-Seon was still alive. Berlin dispatched the team and a few captives to escort Moscow and Denver while armed, but Young-min tries to threaten Tokyo and Denver once again because there are snipers stationed outside the Mint firing their weapons at the father-son duo.

Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Episode 4

Despite being shot in the chest, Young-min was barely alive when he was brought back inside the Mint for first aid. However, there wasn’t much the group could do. In order to get medical personnel into the Mint to treat and save Young-min, the police decide to negotiate with the Professor after recognising Young-min. Moo-hyuk entered the Mint undercover as a nurse with two nurses and a surgeon, but Berlin recognised him and confronted him.

Thus, Moo-hyuk admits that he was an officer of the law ordered to protect the medical personnel. In reality, Moo-hyuk and the medics were merely buying time for an ambush team that was discreetly penetrating the Mint while donning the same clothing and mask as the robbery crew. The Professor is able to decipher this and commands the hostages and heist crew to don a different mask (to set themselves apart from the officers); as a result, Woo-jin instructs the squad to abandon their objective and retreat. For Rio to operate on Mi-seon, who had previously attended medical school, Denver and Tokyo seized the medical materials from the medics. However, Denver stopped Berlin and offered to be shot in place of Mi-Seon, which caused Berlin to realise Denver’s growing feelings for Mi-Seon. Berlin also detains Tokyo and Rio and attempts to kill Mi-Seon. Berlin was restrained as a result of disregarding the Professor’s commands, and Nairobi arrives to pacify him. When Mi-seon, who was completely healed, rejoins the hostages, they are ecstatic to learn that she has survived the attacks on Nairobi and Tokyo charge and granted the prisoners more freedom while they were under their control.

Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Episode 5

After failing to escape with the other spies in time, Park Chul-woo, a covert agent who had previously been a member of the ambush squad, disguises himself as a captive. To come up with a strategy to free the captives and defeat the kidnappers, he got in touch with Young-min, Mi-Seon, and Anne. Woo-jin gradually realises the Professor was outside the Mint rather than within after finding proof that he had driven a used car dumped at the dump on the day the hostage scenario started.

Denver is kidnapped by Chul-woo and Young-min to be tortured and interrogated about the Professor’s identity and location while the Professor narrowly avoids a police pursuit to remove the car and destroy evidence. In order to divert attention, Chul-woo and Anne then pretend that a fire is breaking out. Meanwhile, Young-min tried to kill Denver as part of his personal vendetta, but Mi-Seon, who had fallen in love with Denver, stopped him and saved him while revealing Chul’s scheme. woo’s Denver loudly warned her just as Chul-woo was going to shoot Tokyo, shocking Chul-woo, who was then shot by Berlin (who released himself from his binds). Woo-jin revealed more of himself to the Professor on the surface as the latter felt remorse for Woo-covert jin’s identity.

Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Episode 6

The police believed Chul-woo had been killed after hearing the gunfire on a wiretap. Woo-jin comes up with a strategy to get the public and the media to turn against the robbery team and demand the release of the high school pupils. They even faked a document to make Chul-woo out to be a hostage in order to further their plan, and they convinced Woo-jin to enter with a camera to capture every facet of the hostages still alive in order to reassure their loved ones.

The footage was simultaneously broadcast live to the general public. Berlin collects the hostages and permits Woo-jin to photograph their faces before revealing his true identity as Song Jung-ho. Thus, on live television, Woo-jin (and Anne) informed the audience that Chul-woo was the “hostage.”It came out that the Professor had wiretapped the police and was aware of their strategy; as a result, he supplied news reports with CCTV footage of Chul-conduct.

woo’s Berlin does his part to discredit the police by claiming that they used Chul-woo to jeopardize the hostages’ safety and that they only intended to rescue Anne (as a result of her father’s political background) while leaving the others behind. Berlin further fueled the populace’s ire towards the police and the government by claiming that this shows the robbery team merely sought money and never intended to kill the hostages. Denver had sex with Mi-Seon as the robbery crew was about to wrap up their operation and impliedly bid her farewell.

Season 1  Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area: Reaction 

The Korean version recently received terrible reviews on IMDb. Six of those unaired episodes received ratings before anyone had an opportunity to see them, despite the fact that the series currently has a dismal 5.1 rating. 

According to the first six episodes’ average ratings, the series may be at 6.6. After taking everything into account, the series has a great review, and there is reason to debate whether the ‘real’ rating of the series should be higher. The show received a 90 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.3 rating on My Drama List.

Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area Release Date

The release date for the second season has not been announced by Netflix as of the time of this writing. The likelihood that the remaining six episodes will be released on Netflix before the end of 2022 is powerful.

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