Raado Gujarati Movie Cast, Wiki, Trailer, Video Song and Review

Raado Gujarati Movie Cast, Wiki, Trailer, Video Song and Review A Gujarati movie called Raado will debut on July 22, 2022. Krishnadev Yagnik is both the movie’s director and writer. Munna Shukla and Jayesh Patel are the film’s producers. Yash Soni and Prachi Thaker are cast members of the Raado film.

On July 22, 2022, the motion picture Raado will be released in theatres.

The plot of Raado Gujarati Movie Cast Trailer

From the Raado teaser, it appears like local goons began these disturbances, which quickly grew to be very large. 

The universe implodes as a result of a collision between some strong political figures, populist leaders, and tenacious police enforcement. RAADO is a political thriller with lots of action. 

Now that we have seen the film, we will understand how Yash Soni put an end to these riots.

Raado Gujarati Movie Cast Wiki

Genre Action Thriller
Director Krishnadev Yagnik
Producer Jayesh Patel
Category Gollywood
Writer Krishnadev Yagnik
Budget40 crore
Music Rahul Munjariya
Cinematography Pratik Parmar
Edit by Shivam Bhatt
Production Company Shukla Studio
Language Gujarati
Release date 22 July 2022

Raado Gujarati Movie Cast

Real NameCast Name
Hitu kanodiaBhushan 
Hiten KumarKamlesh 
Tarjanee BhadlaAashi
Bharat ChawdaDharshan 
Yash SoniJignesh 

Raado Gujarati Movie Cast Release Date 

Initial screenings of the film begin on November 5, 2021. However, because of COVID-19, this movie’s release date was pushed back, and it will now be on July 22, 2022. India makes Raado available to the world in Gujarati. According to Raado Gujarati Movie Cast, Wiki, Trailer, Video Song, and Review blog,it will open in theatres on July 22, 2022. 

Raado Movie Audio Video Jukebox

Milind Gadhavi wrote the song lyrics for the movie Raado, while Osman Mir performs the song’s vocals. Rahul Munjariya is responsible for the movie’s music composition.

Raado Film Budget 

Raado’s budget has not yet been made public, however, some Gujarati websites claim that it is approximately 40 crores, of which 25 crores go toward production costs and 15 crores toward printing and advertising.

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