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Rainbow Netflix Movie ReviewNetflix presents the trailer of Rainbow, the new film by Paco León which will have its public presentation at the city pageant. It’ll be at the Velodrome next Sep eighteen on a four hundred area unit screen and before of three,000 people, an area that already hosted in 2018 the premiere of Arde national capital, the series created by Paco León along with Pakistani monetary unit R. Costa.

With a script co-written by Paco León and Javier Gullón, Rainbow bets on the mixture of various creative disciplines like dance, fashion, plastic arts, and particularly, music, to narrate, in an imaginative and groundbreaking means, the initiation journey of an adolescent during a free version galvanized by the literary classic The extraordinary Wizard of Oz.

The choral and eclectic solid of Rainbow is headed by singer Dora -who makes her acting debut-, rapper and actor Ajax Pedrosa, Nigerian creative person and cultural trouble maker Wekaforé Jibril (Spirit Disco), and established names like Carmen Maura, Carmen Machi, and Luis Bermejo. it’s completed by Hovik Keuchkerian, Samantha Hudson, Carmina Barrios, and Soraya Yasmin, and a special collaboration with Rosy Delaware Palma and organic compound Expósito.

Rainbow is created by Telecinco Cinema unitedly with Los amigos Delaware Dorothy AIE and took part by Andy Joke and Colosé Producciones and can be free in theaters on Sep twenty-three and on Netflix worldwide on Sep thirty.

Rainbow Netflix Movie Synopsis

According to this Rainbow Netflix Movie Review blog, Dora could be an adolescent with a rare talent for music Associate in nursing inner energy is tough to contain. when a robust argument together with her father on her birthday, Dora leaves aims the corporate of her dog Totó and begins a journey in search of her mother, whom she has ne’er met as a result of her disappearance once she was a baby.

on the means she makes new friends with whom she embarks on a road trip to Capital town, however, she conjointly faces dangerous enemies World Health Organization attempt to stop her from discovering the mystery of her past. however Dora’s vitality and magic facilitate her reach the top of her journey, that is that the starting of another one.

Rainbow Netflix Movie  Genre

  • Fantasy
  • Musical
  • Drama

Rainbow Netflix Movie Cast

  • DORA
  • Carmen Maura
  • Carmen Machi
  • Áyax Pedrosa
  • Luis Bermejo
  • Wekaforé Jibril
  • Hovik Keuchkerian
  • Cuentos order Rosales
  • Rossy Delaware Palma
  • Ester Expósito

Rainbow Netflix Movie Release

According to this Rainbow Netflix Movie Review blog, The film can have its public presentation at the seventieth City International Film Festival’s ‘Velodrome’ section on eighteen Sep 2022. it’ll have a unleash in “select theatres” on twenty-three Sep 2022, followed by a worldwide unleash on Netflix streaming on thirty Sep 2022.

Rainbow Netflix Movie Wiki

Directed byPaco León
Written by  Javier Gullón León
Starring            Dora Postigo Ayax Pedrosa Carmen Machi Carmen Maura Wekaforé Jibril Luis Bermejo  
Production   companies      Telecinco Cinema     Los amigos Delaware Dorothy AIE Andy Joke Colosé Producciones
Distributed byNetflix
Release dates  18 Sep 2022 (Zinemaldia) 23 Sep 2022 (Spain)

Rainbow Netflix Movie Teaser

The makers have free the teaser on twenty-nine Gregorian calendar months.

Take a glance at the teaser below:

About Telecinco Cinema

According to this Rainbow Netflix Movie Review blog, Telecinco Cinema is the film production company of Mediaset Kingdom of Spain. it’s created quite eighty films, eleven of them among the twenty most-watched Spanish films, with in-depth expertise within the development of major comes with a robust international projection like Pan’s Labyrinth, The not possible, The Orphanage, A Monster involves See Pine Tree State, Ocho Apellidos vascos, Ocho Apellidos Catalanes, Perfectos desconocidos, and Agora, among others.

Producer of Paco León’s films Carmina y Amon and Kiki, el Cupid se hace, in her career she has promoted the careers of young filmmakers World Health Organization became references in the film leading with wide recognition inside and outside of doors our borders.

He has won around 270 awards, together with 3 Oscars, seventy-nine painter Awards, 3 BAFTAs, and a Latin Grammy. along with Rainbow, Telecinco Cinema can rouse the massive screen this year with Tadeo Jones and therefore the Curse of the mother and therefore the Fourth traveler (BlaBlaCar).

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