Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Movie Review, actress, trailer, and cast

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect review, actress, trailer, and cast is a 2022 Indian historical show movie in light of the existence of Nambi Narayanan, a previous researcher and aeronautics designer of the Indian Space Research Organization, who was denounced in the ISRO undercover work case and later exonerated. The movie is composed, delivered, and coordinated by R. Madhavan, who additionally plays the lead job. The story traverses Narayanan’s days as an alumni understudy at Princeton University, prior to investigating his work as a researcher and the misleading surveillance charges put upon him.

After its true announcement in October 2018, head photography take place across a few nations including India, Russia, and France. The cinematography and altering for the movie were dealt with by Sirsha Ray and Bijith Bala, separately, while the first score is made by Sam C. S.

Plot of Rocketry Movie

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect starts with a wide shot of the space and arrives at Nambi Narayanan’s home in Trivandrum where we are acquainted with his loved ones. While everybody is enjoying a hearty chuckle over lunch, their reality comes disintegrates after Nambi gets captured on undercover work charges. In a couple of scenes where Nambi’s significant other gets embarrassed at a wedding she was joining in, his girl sits powerless in the street as somebody tosses compost in front of her, his child gets thrashed and his child in-regulation is gone after — are excruciating visuals to endure. That is the point at which you know not a man was violated, yet a whole family took the brunt. Slice to 19 years after the fact, we are shown an old Nambi in discussion with entertainer Shah Rukh Khan (playing himself) taking us through his difficulties through a progression of flashback groupings.

Rocketry narratives the excursion of one of the most splendid and gifted ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) researchers, who put his country and science prior to whatever else, however, is made to experience on a private and expert level due to a few degenerate authorities. As a youthful researcher, Nambi easily figures out how to break beneficial arrangements outside his country that would help their specialization back home and India’s Mars Mission. Be it procuring a grant at Princeton, making a ludicrous interest from the CEO of Rolls Royce, driving a joining of 52 researchers to gain specialized skill from the French and achieving a few unthinkable undertakings, and in conclusion persuading Russians to offer their innovation to India at a reasonable value, Madhavan does and that’s only the tip of the iceberg with such a lot of appeal and conviction.

The primary portion of the film tosses an excessive number of specialized and logical languages at you which are hard to comprehend and that makes the film a smidgen excessively weighty. Be that as it may, Madhavan holds no apprehensions about equivalent to he obviously doesn’t think twice about the legitimacy of his story. There are many exchanges in English, French, and, surprisingly, Russian, and many could track down that a hindrance in the story, yet they carry a great deal of legitimacy to the plot. There are a few lighter minutes, as well, through Indian researchers having a good time to the detriment of individuals in various nations they visit. It’s the last part of the film that is undeniably more serious, grasping, and charming. It shows how Nambi was tormented in the prison for a misleading admission that he offered mysteries of advanced science to Pakistan. Here, I wish, the spotlight was somewhat more on letting us know who violated him and what was the plan behind it, yet someplace that question stays unanswered till the end.

That being said, all through the film, you interface with Nambi’s story on an individual level — commend his highs, feel the aggravation of his lows and cheer clearly each time you sense the enthusiastic flavor in his activities and words. It won’t be an embellishment to call Madhavan a small-time armed force who assembles a terrific show both before the camera and behind it, as well. The examination and schoolwork that he has done behind assembling this biopic merit a commendation. He handles the subject with outrageous trustworthiness and profound comprehension as a chief and depicts it with full devotion and genuineness as an entertainer. He has gotten subtleties of Nambi to the T. His actual appearance adds to making him a trustworthy person. Here, I might want to make reference to the peak scene where Madhavan is conversing with Khan, and a nearby shot of his face changes to genuine Nambi Narayanan. Not in any event, briefly, you feel that are an alternate individual. That is the means by which genuine Madhavan looked on the screen.

In the supporting cast, entertainer Simran as Nambi’s better half Meena has an effect with anything few scenes we see her in. Then, at that point, Karthik Kumar as the CBI researching official PM Nayar, Sam Mohan as Unni, Rajeev Ravindranathan as Param, and Bhawsheel as Sartaj among others add profundity to the storyline.

Also, having Shah Rukh Khan as the questioner unfurling parts from Nambi’s life stays the feature of the film. The manner in which he acts out and gets completely engaged with Nambi’s story during the meeting doesn’t seem to be a scene from a film. Furthermore, full credit to Madhavan here for picking such a rousing story and letting in and, in any event, moving away know that it leaves in any event, King Khan mournful towards the end.

At 157 minutes, the film most certainly gets a piece extensive and a more keen altering, particularly in the primary half, might have made it a more tight watch. By the by, a few stories need that time and profundity to be told and with Rocketry, you truly don’t say anything negative.

The Cast of Rocketry Movie

Reall NameCast Name
R. MadhavanNambi Narayanan
SimranMeena Narayanan
Rajit KapurVikram Sarabhai (Hindi and English versions)
Ravi RaghavendraVikram Sarabhai
Misha GhoshalGeeta Narayanan
Shyam RenganathanShyam Renganathan
Karthik KumarP. M. Nair
Gulshan GroverA. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Dinesh PrabhakarL. D. Gopal
Mohan RamanUdupi Ramachandra Rao
Ron DonachieVal Cleaver
Phyllis LoganMrs. Cleaver
Vincent RiottaLuigi Crocco
Sriram ParthasarathyBarry Amaldev
Rajeev RavindranathanParam
Sam MohanUnni
Bhawsheel SahniSartaj
Bijou Thaangjamcrew member
Abhirami Venkatachalamcrew member
Abhirami Venkatachalamcrew member
Nambi Narayananhimself
Shah Rukh Khanhimself (Hindi, English versions; guest appearance)
Suriyahimself (Tamil version; guest appearance)
Box officeest. ₹75 crores (Day5)

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect More Details

DirectedR. Madhavan
WrittenR. Madhava
ProducedSarita Madhavan
Varghese Moolan
Vijay Moolan
R Madhavan
StarringR. Madhavan
Rajit Kapur
Ravi Raghavendra
CinematographySirsha Ray
Edited byBijith Bala
Music bySam C. S.
Release Dates19 May 2022 (Cannes)
1 July 2022 (India)
Running time157 minutes
Budget₹40−50 crore

Rocketry Movie Production Companies

  • Tricolour Films
  • Varghese Moolan Pictures
  • 27th Entertainment
  • Distributed by
  • UFO Moviez
  • Red Giant Movies
  • Yash Raj Films
  • Phars Film Co

Hrithik Roshan hails R Madhavan’s Rocketry

R Madhavan’s star is being valued by the crowd. However, the film is performing gradually in the cinema world, and the verbal exchange for the film serious area of strength for is. Presently, Hrithik Roshan is all applause for the film. He took to online entertainment and shared his energy about watching Rocketry. In his post, the War entertainer referenced that he is yet to watch the film and due to that he is having FOMO (apprehension about passing up a major opportunity).

Subsequent to hearing incredible audits of Rocketry, Hrithik Roshan tweeted, “The splendid verbal exchange for #RocketryTheNambiEffect has left me with FOMO! So glad for my companion @ActorMadhavan who gave it his entire being. Congrats on your first time at the helm Maddy and the whole group of Rocketry. Can hardly hold back to watching this in theater!.”



  • 0.75 Crore Trade Figure in Hindi
  • Exchange Expectations 0.5-1 Crore for Hindi
  • Around the world: 4 Crore gross
  • Kerala: 0.1 Crore gross
  • Andhra/Telangana: 0.2 Crore gross
  • Tamil Nadu: 2.5 Crore gross lower than Yaanai


  • 1.25 Crore Trade Figure in Hindi
  • Around the world: 4.5 Crore gross
  • Tamil Nadu: 2 Crore gross lower than Yaanai


  • 0.65 Crore Trade Figure in Hindi
  • Around the world: 2 Crore gross


  • 0.6 Crore Trade Figure in Hindi
  • Around the world: 3 Crore gross


  • 0.75 Crore Trade Figure in Hindi
  • Around the world: 2.5 Crore gross


  • 1.9 Crore Trade Figure in Hindi
  • Around the world: 5.5 Crore gross
  • Tamil Nadu: 2.5 Crore gross lower than Yaanai


  • Around the world: 21.5 Crore gross
  • 5.85 Crore Trade Figure in Hindi


Rocketry: The Nambi has been made on a general financial plan of Rs 60 Crores across every one of the three dialects Tamil , English and Hindi, and named dialects Telugu and Malayalam

Hindi Budget is esteemed at 30 Crores


All out approx. 2000 screens in India in Hindi


Rocketry: The Nambi will be a spotless hit If it crosses 70 Crores in the cinema world

For Hindi, it needs to cross 40 Crores to be known as a hit

ROCKETRY Movie Review Rating:

Entertainer turned essayist chief R Madhavan brings an untold story of an Indian researcher Nambi Narayanan, which is an ideal blend of a human show and win over all the chances. From working at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to getting Padma Bhushan, the third-most elevated regular citizen grant by the Government of India, in 2019, Rocketry: The Nambi Effect delightfully features his excursion.

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