The King of Pigs Web Series review, Wiki, and Trailer 2022

The King of pigs Web Series review: Three South Korean actors—Kim Dong- Wook Kim Sung-kyu, and Chae Jung-an—star in the web series The King of Pigs. The show features a thriller drama about people who have flashbacks of violent acts as a result of a mysterious serial killing that started with a message from a buddy 20 years ago. On March 18, 2022, TVING broadcast its debut.

The storyline of The King of pigs Web Series

At her home, a woman was discovered dead, and her husband Hwang Kyung-min (Kim Dong-Wook) was not there. Kyung-min wrote a note on his windows for Jung Jong-Suk a classmate from middle school (Kim Sung-kyu). The detective in charge of the inquiry, Kang Jin-ah (Chae Jung-an), enlisted Jong-assistance Suk to find out more information regarding Kyung-min. They discovered that Kyung-min had been depressed for a long time, but had been gradually getting better with the support of his mother and wife up until a year ago, when his melancholy started to get worse once more. Jin-ah discovered that Kyung-wife min had been procuring sleeping medications from several hospitals and putting them in Kyung-dinner min in an effort to pass away alongside Kyung-min. However, Kyung-min had grown used to drugs as a result of his extensive time spent treating depression. With the assistance of the management of his cab company, he then left his home to get revenge on people who had tormented him in middle school. Jong-suk and Kyung-min both dropped out of middle school before graduation.

According to The King of pigs Web Series review blog Ahn Jung-hee (Choi Kwang-Je), one of the sidekicks of the principal bully Kang Min, was the target of Kyung-first min’s act of retaliation (Oh Min-suk). A few years back, Kyung-min had sent his company’s taxis to Jung-auto hee’s repair shop for maintenance and repairs in an effort to become close to him. In addition to physically assaulting him in school, Jung-hee had also violated Kyung-min sexually. As a result, Kyung-min brutally killed Jung-hee at his home (while his family was away) and removed Jung-male hee’s genitalia. After that, Jong-suk headed a special team to look into Kyung-min, including Jin-ah from another police station. The homeroom teacher Choi Suk-ki (Lee Kyoung-young), who had blatantly assisted Kang Min and his gang just because Kang Min’s father was a powerful hospital director, was assumed to be Kyung-next min’s target by Jong-suk and Jin-ah. In addition to insinuating to Kang Min that Jong-suk had informed the school about his bullying experience. Teacher Choi also impliedly threatened Jong-suk to confess that there was no school violence. He also requested that Jong-mother suk’s give a presentation in class so that all of the other students would be aware that, in contrast to Kang Min’s parents, Jong-parents suk’s were low-income fishmongers.

Instead of Teacher Choi, Kang Min, who was now a doctor, was Kyung-next min’s target. He had already arranged Kang Min’s retaliation a year prior, when he got a lady Kang Min was interested in giving him narcotics. Kang Min as a result developed a drug addiction, but he tried to conceal it in order to maintain his promotion. Kang Min was kidnapped by Kyung-min and taken to a yacht where he was interrogated about the names of the bullies he had faced at school as well as whether or not he still recalled Kim Cheol (Choi Hyun). When Kyung-min left, he did not kill Kang Min; nevertheless, Park Sung-jin (Hwang Man-ik), the manager of Kyung-taxi min’s firm, then made films of Kang Min doing narcotics. Kang Min later committed suicide because he was unable to bear the loss of his social standing and job as a result of the controversy.

While Jong-suk was heading the squad to seek Kyung-min, Jin-ah made the decision to look into Jong-suk in secret after seeing that he had been acting strangely and seemed to be hiding something. When Park Chan-young (Bae Yoo-ram), a classmate of Kyung-min and Jong-suk, heard that Kim Cheol had shielded Kyung-min and Jong-suk from bullies, Jin-ah inquired about Kim Cheol. Park Chan-young then revealed that Kim Cheol had committed suicide when they were in middle school. Kim Cheol left a suicide note for her, but Jin-ah later discovered that it was not written in Kim Cheol’s handwriting. At that time, the police officer had been alerted by Kim Cheol’s mother, but no inquiry was conducted.

The King of pigs Web Series Cast

Real NameCast Name
Yang Ik June Jung Jong Suk
Oh Jung Se Hwang Kyung min
Kim Hye na Kim Chul
Kim Kkot – bi Young Jong Suk
Park Hae -von Young Kyung min

The King of Pigs Web Series Detail

DramaThe King of Pigs
Writer Tak Jae Young
Director Kim Dae Jin
Genre Mystery Drama
Language Korean
Release Date 18 March 2022
Season 1
Aired 18 March 2022- 22 April 2022
Aired on Friday, Saturday
No. of Episodes 12
Running Time 40 minutes

Review of The King of Pigs Web Series

According to The King of pigs Web Series review blog Overall, I feel this drama is quite engaging with the story plot, although some scenes may be too bloody for some viewers. It made us reflect on school violence and how we can help to prevent this. From recent shows and entertainment shows, it seemed that school violence, now even extending to many other areas such as the workplace or the army, had been a serious social problem. Yet, despite the many works to reflect on this social problem, nothing seemed to change progressively, as violence was still reported (or covered) in many places. Perhaps, this problem will always exist with the presence of social hierarchy.

Rating of The King of Pigs Web Series

The rating of the king of pigs web series is 8.2/10 on the online platform.

Where we can watch The King of Pigs Web Series?

The Kings of pigs will debut on over-the-top service on 18 March 2022. A subscription is necessary to view the series because Amazon Prime Video is its sponsor.

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