The Terminal list Web Series Actress, Trailer, And All Episodes on Amazon Prime Video

Check out the online The Terminal list Web Series 2022: A new episode of the American action-thriller series debuted on Amazon Prime Video on July 1, 2022. The first season of this television series consists of 8 episodes and is based on the Jack Carey novel Terminal List. Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and English speakers can view every episode online. The online debut of Terminal List has sadly been harmed by pirated websites after only a few hours. There are currently links for downloading web series from YTS, Showflix, The Pirate Bay, Filmyzilla, Isaimini, Bolly4u, RARBG, Tamilblasters, Movierulz, Vegamovies, HDhub4u, and Telegram Too.

The Terminal List, which is based on Jack Carr’s best-selling book of the same name, depicts James Reece (Chris Pratt), a Navy SEAL platoon commander after his whole unit is ambushed during a crucial clandestine mission. With mixed memories of the incident and doubts about his guilt, Reece visits his family at home. Reece learns that evil powers are at work against him as more evidence comes to light, risking not only his life but also the lives of those he loves.

The Terminal list Web Series Actress Name and Cast Name

Real NameCast Name
Chris PrattJames Reece
Taylor kitschBen Edwards 
Constance WuKatie Buranek 
Patrick SchwarzeneggerDonny Mitchell
Riley KeoughLauren Reece
JD PardoTony Liddel

What occurred in Season 1 of The Terminal List?

Let’s begin by reading the entire account of Terminal List in brief

The Terminal list Episode 1: “The Engram”

Chris Pratt’s Commander Jack Reece is leading his team on a covert operation to eliminate Kahana, a terrorist using chemical weapons in Syria. When they get there, it seems staged. An SFP trooper who has pinned down panics and activates a trip wire. One of Reece’s teammates, Boozer, knocks him out and drags him to safety. Only they managed to survive. The following day, Boozer shoots himself when he gets home. Reece is informed that it happened two days ago. Reece also implied that Donny Mitchell, a member of his Navy SEAL unit, had become anxious.

Reece suspects a cover-up. His wife Lauren (Riley Keough) and daughter Lucy are living with him, but he is having headaches and is having trouble adjusting (Arlo Mertz). His superiors also don’t take him seriously. The Secretary of State, Louise Hartley (Jeanne Tripplehorn), wishes to present him with the Navy Cross following the funeral of his entire battalion. Constance Wu, a reporter interested in learning what transpired, is another person Reece speaks with. Reece eventually makes his way to the hospital to have a CT scan. Two sicarios are in the room with him when he awakens from the scan. Reece repels them, kills one of them, and retrieves the gun from them from his home safe. To make sure his family is secure.

The Terminal list Episode 2 – Encoding 

Reece believes there is still a cover-up. He understands that NCIS Detective Holder might be (or may have been) one of the men in the clinic. He enters the residence while Ben (Taylor Kitsch) is sleeping with the assistance of his pal. He is roused by Reece, who has a silencer in his mouth. After being pressed on several difficult issues, he acknowledges that Saul Agnon, a worker at Capstone Industries, pays him for information and to address certain issues. Holder tries to move, but Reece shoots him behind the chin, making it appear as though he committed himself.

The Terminal list Episode 3 – Consolidation 

Reece’s brain tumour is discovered by Katie thanks to the CT scan. A hired assassin then attempts to assassinate both of them. Reece discovers that his family has been harmed by a business project with the drug RD-4895. After questioning Saul Agnon, he understands this and kills him by making it appear as though he overdosed on drugs. Reece believes it was staged to give the impression that the soldier was having a breakdown. Plans to bring down military readiness to its lowest levels since 2005 have been made public by Secretary Hartley.

The Terminal list Episode 4 – Separation 

With the aid of his buddies Ben, Liz, and Marco, Reece kills the entire gang of sicarios who murdered his family. Katie learns that Steve Horn’s business owns a controlling stake in Nubellum and generates over $70 billion in revenue annually from the sale of pharmaceuticals to all six branches of the armed forces.

The Terminal list Episode 5 – Disruption 

In the course of her research, Katie questions Mike, the man who once controlled Nubellum and in whom Steve Horn holds a controlling interest. He explains to Katie that the purpose of RD-4895 is to aid soldiers with PTSD or trauma by avoiding brain connections. Accounting has the key to identifying who approved of this experiment through Horn and who was in charge of inflicting brain tumours on the SEAL crew. Reece saves Katie, who survives Mike being shot and killed. Reece later shoots Horn in the head after wounding him with an EFT bomb.

The Terminal list Episode 6 – Transience 

After killing Horn, Reece makes his way into a national park where he hides from Tony Layun, a rookie FBI agent, and his squad (JD Pardo). Reece keeps having flashbacks of his family while evading capture, bringing off a landslide in the process. Liz picks him up when he gets back and flies him to a drop zone where he meets Ben.

The Terminal list Episode 7 – Extinction 

Reece discovered that his superiors, Admiral Pillar, Commander Cox, and Captain Howard, were aware of the experiment on his SEAL unit at the conclusion of episode four. By breaking Cox’s arm and drowning him with a SEAL training log, Reece murders the man. A bomb is attached to Howard’s chest. Reece will kill his kid if he doesn’t give it to Pillar’s office, so he has it. Both of them are slain. Additionally, Tony and Katie learn that the coverup was not approved, but the experiment on the SEAL unit was. In order to create her story, Tony leaks her information. Hartley intercepted it when she attempted to send it using tools provided by the government. She then moves closer to Katie, giving her. 

The Terminal list Episode 8 – Reclamation 

According to Hartley, she was unaware of either the brain tumors or the cover-up. She wasn’t the only anonymous shareholder to benefit from the RD-4895, which generated millions of dollars for shareholders once Capstone Industries inked a contract with Plano. However, Katie discovers contradictions in her two tales after doing some study. She did this because, before Steve Horn was assassinated, she launched a “fake” criminal inquiry into the coverup. Reece breaks onto Hartley’s land that evening and enters the secure space where she and Katie are hiding. Katie stands between them and tells Hartley that she did not profit from the drug, but before Reece can kill her, Hartley shoots herself in the head.

The Terminal List web series’ OTT debut date and Trailer

The Terminal List will debut on over-the-top services on July 1, 2022. A subscription is necessary to view the series because Amazon Prime Video is its sponsor.

Review of The Terminal list Web Series

Chris Pratt’s strong effort propels the 8-hour series, but he is unable to sustain the weight. The thriller’s twist has also been marred by the director’s bad scripting.

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