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Titu Ambani Movie Review: The 2022 Bollywood film Titu Ambani was written and directed by Rohit Raj Goyal. The key actors in Titu Ambani are Deepika Singh, Virendra Saxena, Samta Sagar, Sapna Sand, Tushar Pandey, Raghuvir Yadav, and Tushar Pandey. 

Mahendra Vijaydan Detha and Dinesh Kumar produced Titu Ambani. Sanjay Sharma edited the film. The soundtrack for the film was composed by Hitarth Bhatt, Bharat Hitarth, and Bharat Menaria. The camera was held by Sunil Vishwakarma for Titu Ambani. Titu Ambani tells the tale of a married couple.

The Storyline of Titu Ambani Movie 

Titu.. His goals and desires are different from what he actually does; he dreams with an open mind and seeks the quickest path to fulfillment. He claims that despite his life of debt, he is just as much of a dreamer as Ambani

Mosaic is the modern female who has a self-determined existence. She is unable to compromise on her morals. Mosmi believes that she and Titu were meant to be together, but problems arise when Titu makes choices that put their relationship at risk. 

This slice-of-life movie delivers an important life lesson in a highly enjoyable way through a straightforward love tale of a middle-class family.

Titu Ambani Movie Detail 

WriterRohit Raj Goyal
DirectorRohit Raj Goyal
ProducerMahendra Vijaydan Detha
Music byBharat Hitarth
CinematographySunil Vishwakarma
Editing bySanjay Sharma
Production CompanySabal Production
GenreSocial drama
Release Date8 July 2022 

Titu Ambani Movie Cast

Real NameCast Name
Deepika SinghMosmi
Tushar PandeyTitu 
Raghubir YadavShukla ji
Pritam Jaiswalkuku 
Sapna SandPrabhavati Shukla 

Review of Titu Ambani Movie

The story of Titu Ambani Movie about a young guy from a middle-class family who prefers to pursue a business concept to toil away at a job is set in the city of Ajmer. In the hopes that it will make him more responsible and alter his outlook on life, Titu Shukla’s parents arrange for him to marry his beloved, Mosmi. Titu is forced into a corner when the marriage starts to fall apart as a result of misunderstandings. The rest of the story depends on whether he develops as a person and sorts out his priorities. 

The components were all there: a cast of NSD-certified performers, a plot, a number of timely subjects available, and the potential for a two-hour family drama that was both funny and had a strong message. What one sees is a verbose, slow-moving family drama that is dull for the most part. Yes, there are instances in which the speech will make you chuckle, but it was probably not the original intent when the movie was being developed. Yes, it’s definitely one of the movie’s few redeeming qualities. Overall, the writing is subpar. Some of the characters come out as one-dimensional, excessive, and hard to relate to. Even the romance subplot of the movie fails to engage you. Therefore, it becomes challenging to care about the couple’s post-marriage mental anguish.

Despite having only a two-hour running length, the movie feels drawn out. The sound, production design, and camera work are all good. Unfortunately, the parts of the movie that can hook an audience are all poorly placed. The songs are acceptable, but there isn’t a single one that you remember long after the movie is over.

Tushar Pandey and Raghubir Yadav make an enormous effort to improve some subpar writing. A genuine, fuss-free performance is also given by Deepika Singh. But none of the performances really move you emotionally. And you don’t feel compelled to follow the characters on their adventures. The filmmaker has to pay special attention to how long it takes the movie to get to the point it’s trying so hard to make. It’s enough to suggest that he still has a very long way to go in developing and perfecting his storytelling technique.

In conclusion, this had the potential to be a fast-moving, enjoyable family drama that dealt with significant, commonplace topics. It turns out to be a protracted, dull drama that stumbles while attempting to find its point of focus.

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