Venom | Let there be Carnage | Trailer Review 2021

Venom: Let there be Carnage is an upcoming American movie featuring the characters Venom and Carnage from Marvel Comics. This movie is a sequel to Venom (2018) and is the second movie of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel produced the movie Venom” Let there be Carnage. 

Andy Serkis is the director of the movie and Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal, Kelly Marcel, Tom Hardy, and Hutch Parker are the producers. Tom Hardy and Kelly Marcel wrote the story and Kelly Marcel is the screenwriter. 

Venom 2 starring Tom Hardy as Venom / Eddie Brock along with Michelle Williams, Naomie  Harris, Woody Harrelson, Ried Scott, and Stephen Graham. The movie is supposed to release officially in October 2021 in the United States.

Previously, Venom (2018) was just the starting of Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Now, Sony is introducing a new villain named Carnage based on Marvel Comics. Carnage is known as the most lethal enemy of Spiderman’s Universe in comics and it is now featuring in Venom 2. 

Starring Cast

  • Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock
  • Michelle Williams as Anne Weying
  • Naomie Harris as Shriek
  • Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady
  • Reid Scott as Dr. Dan Lewis
  • Stephen Graham as Detective Mulligan

Supporting Cast

  • William W. Barbour as Sedan Driver
  • Peggy Lu as Mrs. Chen
  • Jessie Vining as Carnival Adult
  • Scroobius Pip as Siegfried
  • Michelle Greenidge as Mugging Victim
  • Otis Winston as Donald The Street Man
  • Etienne Vick as Pedestrian
  • Ed Kear as Reveller
  • Alfredo Tavares as SFPD Uniformed
  • Andrew Koponen as Police Officer

Venom (2018)


Eddie Brock, a journalist, tries to expose an organization (Life Foundation) that killed several people by experimenting with alien symbiotes. For his investigation, he searches for evidence with the help of one of the scientists of that organization named Dora Skirth (who strongly opposes the research of organizations with symbiotes and humans) as her sister is the test subject. Eddie tries to rescue her sister but somehow the symbiote transfers from her body to Eddie’s body without realizing it. But still, Dora’s sister dies. Then Eddie escaped from the building.

The Symbiote’s name is Venom and after overtaking Eddie’s body, he is doing weird things and even eating people. His friends and people near him notice his weird behavior. Weying discovers the symbiote from his body through an MRI machine. 

Drake (who is head of the life foundation) sends mercenaries to take back that symbiote from his body because two symbiotes are dead. Only one symbiote is left but in Brock’s body. Drake sends mercenaries to trap the only symbiote in Brock’s body but the Venom overtakes Brock’s Body and fails their plan to trap Symbiote. When Brock collects the evidence of Drake’s crime and his life foundation, the SWAT officers surround him but he transforms into Venom and escapes. Weying separates the symbiote from Brock. Drake’s men capture Eddie but later Drake is bonded with a symbiote named Riot. Riot made them agree to use Life foundation probes to bring more symbiote on Earth. But Venom and Brock again bonded and made damage and an explosion in the probe which led to the death of both Riot and Drake.

Post Credit Scene of Venom (2018)

But in the post-credit scene, we see Eddie Brock is interviewing an incarcerated serial killer Cletus Kasady and he is promising to Carnage once he escapes out.

Trailer Review

Venom (2018) is just the start of Sony’s Universe for Spiderman. The Venom, based on Marvel Comics, features an ultimate villain named Venom which is an alien Symbiote and enemy of Spiderman in Marvel Comics but the movie took a different turn and picturized Venom as protector.

Let there Carnage is the story after Venom (2018). There are two amazing trailers released showing the brilliant visuals along with introducing Carnage. And you can’t even trace the actual story from trailers.

Both the trailers just introduce a stronger and bold villain who was born to carnage. All the quality and production is again awesome as Spiderman’s Fans expect. There must be some link between Sony’s Spiderman and Venom in this movie. So, Just wait for the official release and we’ll come up with a review for you.

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Marco Beltrami is supposed to compose the background music of the film. He already gave some film scores for the Marvel Based Movie. Previously for Venom (2018) the music is composed by Ludwig Göransson.

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